Alcatel-Lucent 8232 DECT - Trådløs digitaltelefon - IP-DECT\GAP - svart

Alcatel-Lucent 8232 DECT - Trådløs digitaltelefon - IP-DECT\GAP - svart 3BN67330AB

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Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise
ProdusentAlcatel-Lucent EnterpriseArtnr
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design and intuitive operation
  • Compatible with existing Alcatel-Lucent base stations for infrastructure investment protection
  • Excellent voice quality and business telephony features improve user responsiveness and business productivity
  • Green: Economy mode uses automatic low radio emission power
  • Low power mode (50 mW) makes it suitable for demanding environments
  • IP-DECT connectivity
  • Color screen with backlight and keypad
  • Hands free, microphone mute
  • Vibrate mode (except 8212)
  • 4 way navigation key and soft keys
  • Antenna diversity
The Alcatel-Lucent 8232 DECT Handset offers easy-to-use, cost-effective and reliable voice communication, addressing mobility needs in evolving business environments. The 8232 DECT Handset provides a convenient and practical solution for the basic personal mobility needs of most business environments. It offers simple and efficient voice communication, enhanced usability and compatibility with existing Alcatel-Lucent DECT base stations. The 8232 DECT handset also provides all of the Alcatel-Lucent communication servers value-added voice services (such as dial-by-name and multiline management) that Alcatel-Lucent fixed desk phones support.


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