Alcatel-Lucent 8262 DECT - Trådløs digitaltelefon - Bluetooth-grensesnitt - IP-DECT\GAP - svart

Alcatel-Lucent 8262 DECT - Trådløs digitaltelefon - Bluetooth-grensesnitt - IP-DECT\GAP - svart 3BN67345AA

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Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise
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  • 8262 DECT Handset robustness guarantees what your employees need more than anything else: keeping them connected with the rest of the organization
  • Isolated Worker Protection services is your guarantee to deliver your workforce with a coherent set of innovations from ALE and their selected Partners
  • Accuracy in 8262 device geo-location is cornerstone for providing protection of individuals
  • Compatible with previously deployed Alcatel-Lucent DECT implementations
  • 8262 DECT Handset HD-audio and Common ergonomics with the 8242 assure immediate adoption by the users
  • Excellent voice quality and business telephony features throughout the workplace contributing to improved user responsiveness and productivity
  • Long battery life (Lithium-ion technology)
Part of the Industrial DECT Handset family, Alcatel-Lucent Industrial Handsets provide a convenient and practical solution for Industrial or Healthcare environments. They feature a rugged design, including IP54 ingress protection for 500EX and great IP65 for 8262 DECT, a color display, vibrator, loudspeaker, and wired or wireless Bluetooth headset connectivity.

Alcatel-Lucent Industrial Handsets also offer isolated worker protection with an Alarm, Man down, No Movement, and Shock detection options which trigger calls to predefined destinations. They can also receive notification messages from a central alert system with corresponding ringing signals or loudspeaker messages to alert the user. Industrial Handsets can provide a user’s location information to a dedicated server, using base station triangulation information.

The 8262 DECT Handset is the perfect communications companion for your mobile workforce operating in high demanding environments such as construction, manufacturing, healthcare or oil&gas. It provides unparalleled robustness through 180 grams (6.34 oz) of technology packed into a ruggedized body and shock-proof screen that stands falls from 2.0 m (6’6”) high. Specific shield and body grip makes the 8262 DECT handset usable with gloves specific to your industries, chemistry, construction or metallurgy.


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