A.I.M. - Win - Nedlasting

A.I.M. - Win - Nedlasting 1C-AIM

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Type spillRollespill (RPG) - action RPG
  • New adventure role-playing 3D simulator with intelligent indestructible modules, aiming at the knowledge of perfection
  • Full freedom of action on the surface of the huge planet Polygon
  • Oddly branched out sci-fi storyline with several endings
  • Excellent, technologically advanced 3D-graphics
  • Realistic natural effects, weather changes in real time
  • High-quality sound, original atmospheric soundtrack
  • More than 30 types of weapons as well as a large choice of bombs, mines and missiles
  • More than 30 types of gliders including biomechanical ones
  • A great number of upgrades improving the characteristics of gliders
  • An advanced in-game social system: clans uniting mechminds according to their path towards the aim
Polygon-4. A planet that became the cradle of artificial intelligence has every prospect of becoming its tomb. Snowy planes, sultry deserts and green fields populated by an amazing form of life have become an arena of endless self-affirmation: hundreds of intelligent mechminds spend night and day exploring outward things, gathering information, trading and engaging in violent struggles for the only aim perfection. Each and every one of them wants to be the standard. That is how it always was until the moment when you came out of the shadows. The one that had the option to choose another aim, unknown to your tribe-mates. An aim the only presence of which makes of you the chosen one.


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