ASUS RS720Q-E8-RS12 - rackmonterbar - ingen CPU - 0 MB - 0 GB

ASUS RS720Q-E8-RS12 - rackmonterbar - ingen CPU - 0 MB - 0 GB 90SV01YH-M10CE0

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ProsessorIngen CPU
Minne (installert)0 MB
Maks minne1024 GB
  • Exceptional high-density computing power
  • The server that keeps its cool with high power efficiency
  • Premium components for premium efficiency
  • Designed for the user
  • Highly-modular design for ultimate convenience
The exceptional high-density computing power makes RS720Q-E8-RS12 the premium choice for situations that demand the highest IO throughput and number-crunching power. Cooling is a critical concern in many environments, so RS720Q-E8-RS12 is equipped with an advanced thermal solution. With ASUS special design of funnel shape air duct, RS720Q-E8 could lead the air flow to the components for heat dissipation and offers better air flow than ever. ASUS engineers also carefully considered RS720Q-E8-RS12's cable placement, ensuring neat-and-tidy routing for optimal cooling efficiency and heat dissipation. It's even possible to adjust the fan speed manually, so you have flexible choice to meet different working environment.


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