ASUS TS100-E9-PI4 - tower - ingen CPU - 0 MB - 0 GB

ASUS TS100-E9-PI4 - tower - ingen CPU - 0 MB - 0 GB 90SV03RA-M02CE0

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ProsessorIngen CPU
Minne (installert)0 MB
Maks minne64 GB
  • Zen-quiet and energy-saving
  • Up to six expansion slots enable extreme flexibility
  • User friendly with USB device
  • Complete remote server management
TS100-E9-PI4 is Zen-quiet under 26dB. To put that in perspective, a hushed library environment typically measures around 30dB, so TS100-E9-PI4 produces noise levels that are unnoticeable in working environments. TS100-E9-PI4 is also environmentally friendly, with high efficiency motherboard design and power module that reduces both power consumption and power loss - and that means great energy-cost savings for your organization.

The TS100-E9-PI4 supports up to six expansion slots. It provides two PCI Express 3.0 x16 and x8 slots and one MIO port support. Besides the PCI-E technology, TS100-E9-PI4 keeps the legacy PCI slots on board which can fulfill various customers' requirements. Customers can move their existing legacy PCI add-on cards to TS100-E9-PI4, and still benefit from snappy processor and advanced memory technology to their solutions.


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