3M - Notebookpersonvernsfilter - 15.6" - for ThinkPad P50

3M - Notebookpersonvernsfilter - 15.6" - for ThinkPad P50 4XJ0L59633

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KategoriSikkerhetsprodukter for datamaskin, Tilbehør for notebook og tablet-PC
Lenovo ThinkPad Privacy Filters utilze the patented 3M microlouver privacy technology to darken the screen at specific angles so as to block the vision of wandering eyes from viewing your screen while you work. This is a key benefit to companies as it provides the first line of defense against visual hacking, protecting private information from being hacked by onlookers. Privacy filters also reduce glare from bright backlight panels and overhead lights, though that's not their primary function. Another function is that privacy filters guard and protect your screen from scratches and smears, keeping your monitor screens safe from unwanted damage. They offer touch-specific parts and non-touch parts to align with the device capabilities. Privacy Filters for ThinkPad notebooks/laptops allow you to work with the peace of mind that your on-screen information is safe from wandering eyes.


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